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Simply and securely connect your employees, devices and applications anywhere for a more productive workflow.

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Zero Trust Network Access: Never Trust. Always Verify!

In recent years, especially after the pandemic, Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) has been one of the most influencing concepts in the network and cybersecurity world.

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Cloud-Delivered Secure Networks without Boundaries

The modern workplace is driven by fast and secure access to applications anywhere and anytime. Timus helps you move away from costly legacy networks to a secure cloud network in just five minutes. Manage network and security policies in a single dashboard while benefiting from many automated tasks. Your users and system administrators will love the great digital experience with Timus.

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Meet the Unified Platform for Network and Security

Timus fulfills your network and cyber security needs on a single platform. Take a closer look to meet the future of network security.

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Main Benefits of the Timus Platform


Provide secure internet access to your workforce from a unified and user-friendly platform.


Manage the entire company network from a central dashboard with the support of cloud-delivered services.


Monitor comprehensive access logs and threat analytics with identity-based actionable insights.

Timus is the Solution for the Modern Workplace

Zero Trust Network Access

Zero Trust adopts a deny by default security approach in which trust is never assumed, meaning that access is denied until a user or device can adequately prove their identity.

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Secure Access Service Edge

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) combines networking and security in a cloud-delivered model specifically designed to handle the secure access needs of modern workplaces.

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Secure Remote Access

Traditional VPNs fail to provide visibility and control as more employees work remotely and applications move to the cloud. We provide a more secure user-centric remote access experience.

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Hybrid Cloud Network

Convergence of public cloud, private cloud and on-premises is made possible by hybrid cloud to ensure your business network is in line with your cloud infrastructure.

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Dynamic Firewall

Our Semantic Dynamic Firewall empowers even non-technical people to create and understand firewall policies while the firewall dynamically shapes itself.

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AI-Driven Secure Web Gateway

Artificial intelligence empowers our secure web gateway to classify websites, block undesired categories and protect against web-based threats.

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Boost Your Business' Immune System

Every business needs to boost its immune system against advanced cyber threats. Click and learn more about Timus Platform.

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