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Our Vision

We are on a mission to foster a safer digital ecosystem where businesses can stay productive and protected, wherever their employees might work from.  

Timus goes to market only through its MSP partners, and strives for long term partnerships for mutual growth.  Timus partners with MSPs to protect their clients' networks and sensitive data with a network security platform built for the cloud-era. 

Under a single platform, Timus combines zero-trust secure remote access with an adaptive cloud firewall, helping MSPs consolidate multiple products into one. Its multi-tenant Partner Portal allows for easy onboarding and centralized management of clients while providing deep visibility into client networks. 

Our Leadership Team

Tugrul Tekbulut

Founder and Executive Chairman

Pinar Ormeci

Chief Executive Officer

Ahmet Polat

Chief Technology Officer

Artuğ Tikiç

General Manager, EMEA

Jared Epstein

Head of Sales, North America

Yiğit Çallı

Global VP of Marketing

Mike Hanauer

Ecosystem Chief

Haluk Ulubay

Head of Growth Mrkt. & Demand Gen., North America

Advisory Board

Bryan Bodhaine

CFO, New Charter Technologies

Urvish Badiani

MSP & MSSP Channel Expert

Adam Slutskin

Co-Founder, President and CRO of CyberFOX


Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company - Gold Winner - North America

Zero Trust Security - Gold Winner - North America

Cybersecurity-as-a-Service (CSaaS) - Gold Winner - North America

Artificial Intelligence in Security - SILVER GLOBEE® WINNER

Zero Trust Security - BRONZE GLOBEE®️ WINNER

Network Security - SMB - Finalist

Cutting Edge Network Security and Management - Global InfoSec Awards Winner

Next Gen SMB Cybersecurity - Global InfoSec Awards Winner

Most Comprehensive SMB Zero Trust - Global InfoSec Awards Winner

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