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Our Vision

The Timus vision is to provide the best and most secure cloud-delivered platform to secure work anywhere. Built on the latest cloud technologies and artificial intelligence, Timus enables organizations to securely connect all employees and devices and make applications simpler, faster, and more cost-effective. Timus provides a scalable, centrally managed and automated cloud platform with a much better user experience than legacy hardware-based solutions. We believe in the power of partners and aim to have the best service ecosystem for our customers.

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''Decentralized users and applications have rendered the traditional castle and moat security strategy ineffective. Timus is developed to help today's work from anywhere businesses secure their networks very easily and cost-effectively. We also aim to provide our partners the best cloud-delivered network and security platform.''

Tugrul Tekbulut, Founder & Executive Chairman

Our Leadership Team

Tugrul Tekbulut

Founder & Executive Chairman

Hakan Hintoglu

Chief Operating Officer

Ahmet Polat

Chief Technology Officer

Chris Perry

Channel Sales Manager

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