Ahmet Polat

Chief Technology Officer

Ahmet’s fascination with technology began at a young age; he started programming at 10, laying the foundation for a career characterized by innovation and foresight. While in college, he founded his first company, concentrating on developing SaaS applications for enterprises and government institutions. This venture focused on critical refactoring projects and designing secure, scalable and efficient software architecture.

Furthering his expertise, Ahmet worked with a major datacenter and collaborated with cloud infrastructure providers, deepening his understanding of network and virtualization technologies, along with cybersecurity. These experiences were instrumental in honing his skills and knowledge, crucial for his later ventures.

All these experiences cumulatively led Ahmet to the next big step in his career: the establishment of his cybersecurity startup, LOKI, in 2014. This venture was a natural progression of his lifelong commitment to technology, innovation, and providing cutting-edge solutions in the realm of cybersecurity. Ahmet introduced a cloud-managed unified threat management solution featuring an advanced dynamic firewall, designed to autonomously generate firewall policies in real-time and track devices and users connected to the network, thereby ensuring robust security and a seamless network management experience, significantly enhancing network infrastructures.

The development and potential of his startup garnered significant attention in the tech and investment communities. Ahmet’s project secured funding from notable sources, including angel investors and prominent investment funds such as Singtel Innov8. This influx of support and capital, coupled with strategic guidance from industry experts introduced by these investors, was instrumental in refining and advancing LOKI’s capabilities.

The synergy between Ahmet’s vision and that of M. Tuğrul Tekbulut’s Logo Cyber Security became evident when their paths converged. Ahmet’s startup LOKI merged with Logo Cyber Security, which later evolved into Timus Networks. This merger combined Ahmet’s technical expertise with Tekbulut’s strategic leadership, propelling Timus Networks as a leader in cybersecurity solutions.

As the CTO of Timus Networks, Polat continues to innovate in cybersecurity and network solutions. His journey, marked by early programming prowess, entrepreneurial ventures, and a pivotal role in the development of Timus Networks, underscores his dedication to technology and innovation. Under his technical guidance, Timus Networks remains at the forefront of delivering advanced cybersecurity solutions.