Yiğit Çallı

Global VP of Marketing
Yigit Calli has over a decade of extensive marketing expertise acquired across diverse sectors including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals,  food & beverage, and IT SaaS. He is an adept strategist and a consummate leader, with the ability to navigate the complex landscapes of product marketing, market research, advertising, content and social media management, event management, reputation management, and public relations. Known for his dynamic leadership and sharp people management skills, he has proven adept at guiding multidisciplinary teams to achieve collaborative success.

Transitioning to the tech industry brought a new phase of Yigit's career at Logo Yazılım, Turkey's leading B2B software company, where he etched his reputation as a marketing visionary. He was instrumental in driving the company's marketing engine, leading to sustained revenue growth and achieving key performance benchmarks. His tenure as Corporate Brand and Communications Director was marked by a range of successful initiatives, including the reinvigoration of corporate communication strategies, digital marketing campaigns, and brand positioning efforts, which were pivotal in magnifying the company's market presence and sales.

In his role at Timus Networks, Yigit spearheads marketing strategies that resonate with a global audience. His vision for the brand is meticulously crafted, informed by an acute understanding of global market trends and an entrepreneurial spirit honed through previous high-stakes roles and his co-founding venture at Postnick. 
Yigit’s marketing philosophy centers on innovation and user experience, believing that the true value of marketing lies in creating products that delight customers and are as straightforward to sell as they are to implement.