Network Access Control Should Meet with Cybersecurity Awareness

Improve your organization’s security posture with cybersecurity training called Cyber Awareness for All.

Network Access Control Should Meet with Cybersecurity Awareness

The digital world continues to be an environment where businesses are more vulnerable to cyber threats than ever. Companies are increasing the number of remote workers. And in this remote work environment, an employee as an unconscious online user may not be aware that cyber threats can have devastating consequences. While companies take some technical measures against cyber threats, the human factor remains to be the biggest cause of cybersecurity breaches.   


The overall state of an organization's security, including its systems, processes, and people, is referred to as its security posture. Since employees cause most of the security breaches, companies must first train their employees on cybersecurity. Awareness training can help improve the security posture by educating employees on cybersecurity best practices, security protocols, and potential insider threats. Employees can prevent security incidents more effectively because they know more, and this knowledge leads to a more assertive security posture for the organization.  


As an extra precaution, after the cybersecurity training and other resources are provided, the employees' security awareness should be measured, and network access authorizations should be granted based on the awareness scores obtained. Only employees with cybersecurity awareness scores higher than a threshold should be allowed into the network. With this approach, companies can create a digital culture of trust within their organizations. A network access control system that can measure the security awareness of the employees is required to achieve this level of hygiene.   


Timus sponsors the Cyber Awareness for All free training program for organizations to give their employees the essential cybersecurity skills. By implementing this program, you can ensure that your staff will be better equipped to stay safe in the digital world. 


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