Zero Trust Network Access: Strengthening Security in the Digital Era

Zero Trust Network Access: Strengthening Security in the Digital Era
Ahmet Polat
Ahmet Polat
30 November -0001

In today’s world of intercontinental access and the wide scope of working, it is important to expand securely. Network security is mandatory when talking about having workers and partners join you from all around the world. Safety and security in fast-spread services are what all businesses should have when it comes to being accessible on a worldwide scale. Here, Zero Trust Network Access makes it possible to segment access to certain apps and data. Join us to explore innovative solutions that Timus offers to contemporary global issues and learn more about to stay one step ahead of others. 

What is Zero Trust Network Access?

Zero trust architecture is a new method of sharing information, similar to cloud and VPN services. However, it is more comprehensive as it includes IT services, data, and app access segmented to meet specific needs. What sets it apart from VPN services is that Remote Access of Zero Trust Network Access is only granted to explicitly authorized apps, whereas VPN allows for the connection of LAN between the center and the connector. As a result, access is more controlled and secure.

When compared to cloud services, the data uploaded on the Zero Trust Network Access utilizes multiple processes. One of these processes is multi-factor authentication, which ensures that no accidental security breaches can occur. Regular checkups on these steps can make the security wall of your brand on online storage insurmountable. Timus guarantees connectivity, storage, and communication between your servers, storefronts, and other needs. A safe, fast, and smooth connection is tailored specifically for you. Our team of experienced IT professionals can help with the unique solutions to address any problem your specific networking needs may require. With Timus, strengthening security in the digital era is made easy.

Why is Zero Trust Network Access Safer?

Zero Trust Network Access servers go through regular vulnerability management processes. This process can come in different shapes, but at its very base, vulnerability management is checkups on the server connections, the terminals, and the ends of them. The process is done not at intervals but as a continuous act of checkups from one part to another. It aims to enhance cybersecurity, including protecting software, computer systems, networks, and enterprise applications from cyberattacks and data breaches. Network access control and many other practices carried out on a continuum make zero network access better than what you have seen so far. It comes with continuous and integrated processes and unique solutions to your firm's particular needs. Access control, data storage, distribution, and management are some of the many benefits Zero Trust Network Access offers.

How Does Zero Trust Access Work?

Zero Trust Access Network operates on a very simple and predetermined adaptive trust method which entails that the system never reveals more than what is granted for the level of the user. Identity Verification is crucial for this process as data and access are given based on personal information. This is one of the steps where multi-factor authentication comes into the game. It provides the connection for predetermined applications, web pages, and the exchange of data. This exchange is also tracked and can be altered for the senders and recipients of mail, texts, and other types of data. The users can track the type of data within the exchange and alter the level of authority required to access the message. To begin with, network segmentation is heavily utilized in creating sub-levels of access for each individual or part of the employees of an international business. This can be spread out to international chains for physical stores or online storefronts for different countries, continents, or other specific criteria. No matter the scale of your requirements, reach out to us to initiate the enhancement of your data's security. Achieving rapid and substantial growth is seamless with Timus's protective measures. 

How to Fail-Proof the Zero Trust Access Network?

The Zero Trust Network Access offers much more than cloud and connection services. The services offered can be broadened or specified depending on where your service is on the strengthening journey. While transferring to all services included in the Zero Trust Access Network might seem too much or unnecessary, building up one by one can be a nice way to proceed. Following the previously mentioned steps, achieving perfected digital security involves progressing to the ultimate phase of the Zero Trust Access Network, encompassing IT and effective troubleshooting. The main servers for Zero Trust Network as they are connected to all other devices. These devices can converse with the main servers to create zero-trust network access solutions varying from remote access solutions to online help for individuals all around the world. 

Getting Started with Zero Trust Network Access 

Converting to the new and state-of-the-art network for your needs might seem like too much of a dangerous hassle. The Timus team will assist you in ensuring a smooth transition from fundamental aspects to safety and efficiency. Here are some steps:

  • Determine the segments. When beginning to search for services, knowing the segments of your service can help. Which of your workers require to be differentiated from others in terms of access level?

  • Decide on what your workers need. The levels will require access to different levels of authority and data. Getting that out of the way will fasten the distribution of privileges to them.

  • The limits for each level need to be set. While each segment should have general access to the overall ground, rules should be set. In this manner, assistance, IT-related tasks, and other interactions will proceed more seamlessly when or if they are encountered. 

Zero Trust Network Access is the solution of the future. To pave the way for this promising future, Timus is the top choice for data security and privacy. By checking out Zero Trust Network Access section on our Timus Network website, you can Contact Sales to get information or Request a Demo form and begin the initial steps of transferring your data to a more secure access. Safety is an essential requirement, and quality is guaranteed. 

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