Keeping Hybrid Workforces Securely Connected Anywhere, Anytime

Overcoming Hybrid Workforce Connectivity Challenges: Innovative Strategies with Jason Ballard of Sedona Technologies On May 15, 2024, at 1 pm EDT | 10 am PDT.

This webinar will explore effective strategies and tools essential for managing hybrid IT environments. Don't miss out on gaining valuable insights to enhance your connectivity solutions!

What will we cover?

  • Identify the key challenges in hybrid environments.
  • The role of ZTNA in granting precise access is based on continuous verification.
  • Real-world ZTNA use cases where Sedona Technologies successfully managed hybrid connectivity and security.

Truly one of the best teams we’ve worked with and one of our favorite products.

It’s rare to find a partner that has such an in-depth knowledge of the MSP space and understands the needs of our customers in depth. Our partnership with Timus was one of the smoothest, easiest, and most comprehensive integrations in 16 years.
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Jim Smith
CEO, Proper Sky

Our customers don’t need to worry about their remote workforce anymore.

Timus stands out by consolidating multiple tools into one comprehensive solution. This eliminates the need for separate VPNs, web filters, and additional agents. Timus not only enhances operational efficiency but also reduces complexity for both MSPs and clients.
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Ali Jhonston
CEO, Bel Tech Services

With Timus, intuitive security is now a reality - it's truly revolutionized our security stack.

Timus stands out with its ease of configuration and intuitive interface, requiring minimal training. Their team excels in responsiveness, actively listening and adapting to feedback. With Timus, we've securely managed on-premises and cloud assets, effectively protecting remote workforces on untrusted networks. A pivotal decision for our security needs.
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Will Fritts
Director of IT, SOS Technologies