Intelligent Network Protection

Protect your network using the latest technology.

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Defend Your Turf Intelligently

Hardware-based firewalls weren’t built for the cloud era and remote work.
Timus’ adaptive cloud firewall blocks and fights threats in real time.

Adapt instantly

Get a cloud firewall that
adapts to the changes in
threats and hacker tactics.

Browse safely

Make sure employees are
protected from nefarious sites
and malware.

Fight back

Have the latest technology in
place ready to fight malware
and intrusions.

Adaptive Cloud Firewall

Intelligent cloud firewall that expands and
contracts based on the threat level.

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timus sase
timus sase

AI-Driven Secure Web Gateway

Protected web usage with DNS filtering to
prevent access to unwanted sites.

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Threat Prevention

Cloud network protection with anti-malware
engine, intrusion prevention, and behavior

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timus sase

3x Gold Winner

Most Innovative Company

Zero Trust Security

Cybersecurity as a Service

More and more MSPs are making Timus their
dedicated network security solution.

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Stay Secure and Compliant

Timus uses AES-256 encryption, and is SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 compliant.


Timus is a cloud firewall and is the modern alternative to a traditional firewall. Timus’ adaptive cloud firewall protects your data no matter where it lives, whether on your own servers or in a cloud application or server. There is no hardware to install and you will always have the latest version fighting cyberattacks and keeping malware, intrusions, and other threats at bay. A secure web gateway also makes sure your employees can roam the int

Modern cloud firewalls are software based firewalls and require no hardware. If a cloud firewall is also adaptive, it means it expands and contracts intelligently based on the current threat level. 

Yes. Timus offers a secure web gateway as a standard part of its solution, this includes protected web usages with DNS filtering to prevent access to unwanted sites. 

In the case of Timus, AI-powered protection is part of the standard cybersecurity solution. This includes an anit-malware engine, intrusion prevention, and behavior analysis to keep your company network protected.