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Primary Challenges of MSP Executives

Low Recurring Revenue

Revenue coming in sporadic doses often creates cash flow challenges.

High Service Costs

Installing and maintaining hardware on customer premises is costly.

Too Many Products

Dealing with a lot of products from different vendors reduces efficiency.

Management Complexity

Enterprise IT has become too complex and difficult to manage effectively.

Timus Contributes to MSP Bottomline

Timus is committed to empowering and supporting partners while contributing to their financial performance as they guide customers through modern workplace transformation.

Increase recurring revenue with better margins

Timus has a recurring revenue business model that enhances predictability for our partners and customers as a SaaS platform. We are committed to making our partners win with us.

timus sase
timus sase

Reduce service costs and resources

Timus is a no-hardware cloud platform. There is no need to visit customer premises for installation or maintenance, and our unified SASE architecture reduces management effort.

Use a unified platform for networking and security needs

Today's increasingly sophisticated cyber threats mandate integrated threat prevention solutions where traffic flows, identities and user activities can be tracked and controlled in coordination. Timus provides integrated threat prevention components to protect organizations against advanced threats. Detailed threat visibility in our unified platform is also critical to timely addressing incidents.

timus sase
timus sase

Easily manage and monitor from a single cloud dashboard

You can manage network and security policies in a single dashboard while benefiting from many automated tasks. Your customers and system administrators will love the great digital experience with Timus.

Why Timus?

Timus is the unified, cost-effective platform where modern workplaces meet with security and superior user experience.

Advanced Protection

Timus protects against malware, ransomware and other web-based threats with its Dynamic Firewall, Anti-Malware Engine & AI-Driven Secure Web Gateway.

Scalability & Performance

Timus provides a scalable, high-performance security and network services delivery platform with its modern cloud-based SASE architecture.

Operational Efficiency

Timus allows you to manage and monitor all your networks on a single cloud dashboard where you can create users, sites and networks instantly.


Don't pay a fortune for network management and security. Timus is a unified cost-effective solution to protect your resources and reputation.

Boost Your Business' Immune System

Every business needs to boost its immune system against advanced cyber threats. Click and learn more about Timus Platform.

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