Timus Product Highlights

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Everything Starts with Secure Access

Working from anywhere is only possible with secure remote access. Timus has one of the richest set of of behavior driven conditional access policies making sure people are who they say they are by eliminating implicit trust and continually assessing user and device trustworthiness.


Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

The Network Architecture Tailored for Cloud

SASE is a cloud-based architecture that combines networking and security. Particularly designed to handle secure networking needs of modern workplaces, SASE is a federation of many technologies.


Secure Remote Access

Work from Anywhere without Sacrificing Security

Remote work brings serious security challenges. Traditional VPNs fail to provide control and scalability as more employees work remotely and applications move to the cloud. They also are not always-on. Timus provides true user-based secure remote access with always on-connectivity.


Hybrid Cloud Network

Secure Your On-Prem and Cloud Networks

Connect your on-premises, private and public cloud networks to create a single company network that is more secure, more visible and more scalable.


Adaptive Cloud Firewall

Protect Networks with Adaptive Cloud Firewall

Built by firewall experts with decades of cybersecurity experience, the Timus dynamic cloud firewall is the key to easy management of identity-based access policies to company resources, and the web, cloud, and internal applications. Timus provides an easy to use single pane of glass to manage the firewall rules and policies, hiding all the complexity behind the UI.

Adaptive Cloud Firewall

Secure Web Gateway

Secure Your Business from Web Threats

Web based threats are eliminated by the next generation Timus Secure Web Gateway before they arrive at the network. Restrict user access to 50+ predefined categories, include your own custom ones, block malware and phishing sites, and inspect and filter traffic in real time including encrypted content with SSL inspection.


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