Adaptive Cloud Firewall

The Timus firewall sits in the cloud and intercepts all encrypted user traffic. Admins can create granular user based policies to restrict network access to the specific needs of the business

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timus cloud firewall dashboard


The Timus global infrastructure backbone ensures uptime and high availability.

48 Global points of presence

Intelligent connection routes users through fastest tunnel

Granular Security

Rules are input based on identity, ensuring proper routing of users to sensitive data along with blocking malicious data.

Layer-3 and Layer-7 stateful firewall as a service

Rules take effect in seconds


The Timus solution is delivered fully cloud based. Fitting seamlessly with existing infrastructure without complicating future enhancements.

Get started in minutes

Timus adapts with new additions, users & connection points


Acting as the security buffer routing all traffic through a single entry point to the network.

Cloud Firewall connects via IPsec tunnel to AWS, Azure, GCP & All on-premise firewalls

Secure SaaS apps with IP allowlisting dedicated IP address

Layering Protection

Users will be users. Bad actors will be bad actors. Layering protection from the inevitable credential leak mitigates fallout. Timus restricts access beyond traditional MFA.

Without the Timus agent running, bad actors can have credentials and never access your apps

Timus stops bad actors at the front door via global user sign in policies

timus sase
timus sase

Security Follows The User

The software defined perimeter is wherever the user is. Securing a corporate network with Timus starts with the user. Configuring least privilege access is encouraged with access policies designed to keep users where they need to be.

Timus gateways support unlimited IPsec tunnels

Operational Efficiency

Set global policies within the Timus admin interface built with IT admins in mind. Reduction in clicks for the admin without compromising security, effortless deployment with automated reports providing valuable insights into user activity.

Custom automated reports with intervals of daily, weekly, monthly or yearly

Actionable event logging leading to quicker ticket resolution

timus sase

Level up productivity and cybersecurity

In just 15 minutes.

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An adaptive cloud firewall sets the (SW-defined) security perimeter to wherever the users might be accessing the data from. It can assess risk on a user's access request based on not only credentials, but also user behavior and the context of the request. In addition, it reduces MFA fatigue by enforcing MFA only when the threshold on the risk profile is exceeded. It also scales and adapts with each new user or endpoint additions.

Timus does not replace an existing on-prem firewall; rather it acts as a single point of entry to all company networks and resources, creating a security buffer. Once the user is thoroughly verified via the ZTNA checklist, he or she can then be orchestrated to their destination via IPSec tunnels including to on-prem firewalls. For clients with no offices, the Timus cloud firewall can replace the need for any other additional FW.

Combining a cloud firewall with an on-prem appliance creates a layered security approach. This defense-in-depth strategy offers scalability, redundancy, granular control, and compliance adherence. It's particularly valuable in hybrid cloud environments ensuring comprehensive protection, geographic redundancy, and centralized logging for effective network security management.