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Timus Secure Web Gateway eliminates threats and reduces risk. Easily block user access to unwanted or malicious websites.

Real-time Traffic Inspection

All incoming web traffic is inspected to evaluate content and security risk.

Internet Usage Tracking

All user web activities are logged for compliance and visibility needs.

Web Protection

Web filter blocks access to malicious websites proactively.

Social Media Protection

Unwanted social media access can be limited or completely blocked.

Main Advantages of Timus Web Security

Control your web traffic

You can control and monitor all your web traffic. All outgoing web requests are inspected to evaluate user access privileges. All incoming web traffic is inspected to apply security policies.

timus sase
timus sase

Prevent from Web Threats with DNS Filter

DNS filter prevents users from accessing malicious sites like malware, phishing, botnet, cryptomining, newly registered or parked domains.

Ensure legal compliance

Meet compliance obligations with granular web access control and total visibility based on identities.

timus sase

Level up productivity and cybersecurity

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A Secure Web Gateway (SWG) is a cybersecurity solution that safeguards users and devices by monitoring and filtering internet traffic. It prevents access to malicious websites, thwarts malware downloads, and enforces security policies. SWGs are crucial for web security in organizations, offering URL filtering, anti-phishing measures, data loss prevention, and SSL/TLS inspection to protect against web-based threats. They can be cloud-based or on-premises, providing robust web

Yes. Timus offers a secure web gateway as a standard part of its solution, this includes protected web usages with DNS filtering to prevent access to unwanted sites.

A Secure Web Gateway (SWG) offers several key benefits for organizations. It acts as a frontline defense, blocking malicious web content and thwarting cyber threats like malware and phishing attacks. SWGs enforce internet usage policies, ensuring employee productivity and compliance. They also provide essential data loss prevention and inspect encrypted traffic, enhancing overall network security. Ultimately, SWGs create a safer online environment, protecting sensitive data