Threat Prevention

Protect Against Today's Highly Sophisticated Threats

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It is Essential to Have an Integrated Threat Prevention Solution

Today's increasingly sophisticated cyber threats mandate integrated threat prevention solutions where traffic flows, identities and user activities can be tracked and controlled in coordination. Timus provides integrated threat prevention components to protect you against advanced threats. Detailed threat visibility in our unified platform is also critical to timely addressing incidents.

Prevent Access to Malicious Files

Timus anti-malware engine and secure web gateway prevent your network from web threats by blocking access to websites hosting malicious files, malware and ransomware.

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You are Safe with Comprehensive Security Features

Timus provides comprehensive and cohesive security for your networks as a SASE platform combining networking and security. A dynamic firewall is integrated with anti-malware, secure web gateway, intrusion prevention and zero trust access systems to keep your resources safe wherever they are.

timus sase

Dynamic Firewall

Firewall policy automation leads to precise security enforcement.

Secure Web Gateway

AI-driven web filter blocks access to malicious websites proactively.

Secure Access

A zero-trust secure access policy reduces the risk of security breaches.

Advanced Protection with IPS

Timus Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) inspects network traffic and blocks cyber threats like vulnerability exploitation, denial of service and lateral movement.

Boost Your Business' Immune System

Every business needs to boost its immune system against advanced cyber threats. Click and learn more about Timus Platform.

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