Cross-Platform Client Application for Zero Trust Access

Timus Connect zero trust access application is available on all major platforms like macOS, Windows, iOS, Android and Linux.

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Peace of Mind Starts with Secure Access

Working from anywhere has become a priority of companies of all sizes. That is only possible with secure remote access. Timus zero trust network access policy reduces risks by eliminating implicit trust and continually assessing user and device trustworthiness before granting access.

Zero Trust Access with Behavior Analysis

Static verification of identities and privileges is not enough. Timus adaptively verifies access requests based on contexts and behaviors in a zero-trust approach. Timus Connect client application provides relevant user information and controls in coordination with Timus verification services.

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Secure Remote Access From Anywhere

Cloud-based Timus platform provides a single access control layer for all your local and cloud resources. Users working anywhere on any device are enforced by access privileges based on identities and behaviors.


Encrypted Connection

Encrypted tunneling protocols provide a secure connection to your networks.

Multi-factor Authentication

Adding more layers to the authentication process highly improves security.

Granular Access Policies

Least privilege access control is foundational for security and compliance.

Zero Touch Deployment

Installing Timus Connect zero trust access agent with zero configuration simplifies the user registration process, reduces management effort and provides a much better experience than traditional VPN applications where you may need to make tedious configurations.

Boost Your Business' Immune System

Every business needs to boost its immune system against advanced cyber threats. Click and learn more about Timus Platform.

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