Never Trust, Always Verify

Timus Zero Trust Network Access provides secure remote connectivity based on the richest set of behavior driven conditional access policies.

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Adaptive MFA

Timus leverages behavioral analytics to scan user access requests based on contexts and risk level.

Key Behaviors - Impossible travel, new device, untrusted IP & more.

Always-On Connectivity

The Timus Connect agent is easily configurable to stay connected at all times.

Always-on can be enforced based on user, device and tag.

Speed Improvement

With 48 global PoPs to choose from, admins can ensure that users can expect stellar stability and performance.


Implement least privilege access control via Timus with granular access policies which enable the creation of micro-segmented networks.

Protect SaaS Apps & Reduce Your Attack Surface

Timus ZTNA users connect through private, never shared cloud-hosted gateways. Leveraging a dedicated static IP address offers maximum network control.

A single point of network entry is critical. Allowlist the Timus static IP to restrict access to critical business applications

timus sase
timus sase

Protect employees, no matter where they work from

Security is no longer confined to the office walls behind the firewall. With 48 global points of presence, Timus ensures remote connections experience maximum speeds, regardless of their location.

Timus Connect Agent supports Windows, Mac, IOS, Android

Timus Gateway Configurations can connect via IPsec tunnel to AWS, Azure, GCP & All on-premise firewalls

Unveiling Remote Productivity

The Timus Productivity Tracker feature consolidates company wide productivity metrics to inform leaders of user and team activity, valuable for efficiency and growth.

Timus Connect Agent intelligently captures traffic along with granular information pertaining to users productivity during business hours

Create custom automated reports within Timus Manager

timus sase

Level up productivity and cybersecurity

In just 15 minutes.

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Yes. Timus offers an award-winning Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution that has one of the most comprehensive checklists for behavioral context before it grants access to a user. The Timus ZTNA includes identity-based verification, Adaptive MFA, and intelligent threat detection via an adaptive cloud firewall. The Timus ZTNA eliminates the need for VPNs, offering always-on, secure connectivity.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is based on the "never trust, always verify" principle, implying that trust is never granted before completely verifying. Access is granted granularly on the least privilege principle, where a user can only access explicitly authorized resources and data. ZTNA is one of the core components to providing secure, always-on connectivity to remote users, or users who are accessing SaaS apps on company devices.

Like all cybersecurity solutions, you don’t need them until you do and then it’s too late. ZTNA helps protect your network against ransomware and other nefarious attacks. One of the biggest weaknesses in modern cybersecurity defenses is the human element. If access to your network relies on credentials alone, you’re only one human error away from getting your data hacked or worse. The Timus ZTNA helps prevent access to precious company resources from unwanted third parties.

There are several disadvantages to VPNs that Timus solves by eliminating them with ZTNA. 1. Traditional VPNs are clunky 2. They are not always-on 3. VPN credentials are easily stolen by social engineering and phishing 4. A hacker can move laterally within the network via stolen VPN credentials. Timus ZTNA allows users to access company resources in a granular way with secure, always-on connectivity through a lightweight OS-agnostic agent.