Ditch traditional VPNs with Timus SASE!

Book a 30-minute demo to explore how Timus provides secure, always-on connectivity for users wherever they're working from. Receive a $75 Amazon gift card after the demo.


  • Never competes with MSPs and only wins when you win
  • Enables simple, fast deployment (under an hour)
  • Provides a Static IP to control access to SaaS apps
  • Includes productivity tracker (per user, per team, or company-wide)

Purpose-built for MSPs

Timus is fully devoted to the MSP channel. Enabling our partners at every turn, collaboration defined by your business needs.

White Glove Implementation

Complimentary implementation is offered upon request for partner & client deployments.

Enablement Defined By You

Complimentary implementation is offered upon request for partner & client deployments.

Priority Support

Timus aligns Partners with a dedicated team (4 techs) for 24/7 technical support.

Create Your Software Defined Perimeter

The Timus Adaptive Cloud Firewall intercepts all traffic via one central location. The Security buffer and single entry point to the network, the software defined perimeter is controlled from a single cloud-managed dashboard.

Interconnect locations with site-to-site tunnels

Our Core Components

Delivering a 100% cloud based solution, Timus fits seamlessly into existing infrastructure while protecting users at the edge. 

Adaptive Cloud Firewall

Layer-3 and Layer-7 stateful firewall as a service

Secure SaaS apps with IP allowlisting dedicated IP of Timus private gateway

48 Global PoPs to select from

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

secure remote connectivity based on the richest set of behavior driven conditional access policies.

Always-on connectivity

Adaptive MFA

Connecting Hybrid-Cloud Infrastructure

Timus private, never shared gateways act as the security buffer for traffic to all sources of consumed data.

IPsec configurations are supported with all firewalls along with Azure, AWS, GCP

Direct communication to servers

Secure Web Gateway

Timus Secure Web Gateway provides total control at the network level. Keep your used productive and protected.

Web filtering & network layer anti-malware

Productivity Tracking users, teams and organizations

Truly one of the best teams we’ve worked with and one of our favorite products.

It’s rare to find a partner that has such an in-depth knowledge of the MSP space and understands the needs of our customers in depth. Our partnership with Timus was one of the smoothest, easiest, and most comprehensive integrations in 16 years.
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Jim Smith
CEO, Proper Sky