Secure Remote Access

Replace your VPN with a zero trust solution.

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Implement Zero Trust
Network Access

VPNs are outdated and vulnerable to phishing and credential theft.
Timus’ zero trust solution uses identity-based verification and threat detection.

Connect Anywhere

Access data and applications
from any device, any location,
any time of day.

Improve Speed

Dedicated access means you
don’t have to share bandwidth
with others.

Verify Everyone

Make sure everyone who
request access are who they
say they are.

Zero Trust Network Access

Identity-based verification with Adaptive MFA
and intelligent threat detection.

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timus sase
timus sase

Timus Connect Agent

Mobile and Desktop Agent with zero trust
network access built in. 

Virtual Private Gateway

Dedicated gateway and static IP for added
speed and protection. 

timus sase

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Most Innovative Company

Zero Trust Security

Cybersecurity as a Service

More and more MSPs are making Timus their
dedicated network security solution.

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Stay Secure and Compliant

Timus uses AES-256 encryption, and is SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 compliant.


Timus is a modern alternative to a VPN. VPNs are vulnerable to phishing and credential theft and don’t protect your company network. Timus offers secure remote access using zero trust and identity-based verification, as well as an adaptive cloud firewall that keeps your network safe.

Yes. Timus offers an agent as to every user as part of the standard offering. The agent can be installed and used on mobile devices, desktops, and laptops. Zero trust network access is built into the Timus Connect Agent. 

That’s correct. Timus users do not share gateways with others. Instead every instance of Timus gets a private gateway and static IP addresses for increased speed and protection. 

Zero trust network access is a new approach to connecting to your company network remotely. Traditionally, if you had the right login credentials, you would get access. A zero trust solution like Timus, verifies that you are who you say you are, it trusts noone until proven otherwise. In the case of Timus, that means using identity-based verification, adaptive multi-factor authentication, and intelligent threat detection in real time.