Timus SASE is Built from the Ground for MSPs

timus-sase- is-built-from-the-ground
Pinar Ormeci
Pinar Ormeci
26 June 2024

Timus SASE is built from the ground-up for MSPs

What do we mean by this? 

MSPs, while making a vendor decision to add to their IT and Security stack, look for solutions that can fit into their streamlined operations, layer into their existing stack easily, and reduce overhead. The Timus SASE platform was built from the ground up for MSPs, meaning we have considered the 10 pillars that are important to MSPs in our design of the platform: 

Multi-Tenant Capabilities

The Timus Partner Portal supports multi-tenancy to allow MSPs to manage multiple clients through a single pane of glass. This is crucial for MSPs as it simplifies management, reduces operational complexity, and makes it easier to scale services across multiple customers. A lot of enterprise-grade tools are not built for multi-tenancy – instead they’re optimized to serve the needs of a single, large enterprise. 

Ease of Use and Deployment

MSPs often operate with limited staff and tight schedules. A solution that is easy to deploy, configure, and manage can be a game-changer. This includes having a user-friendly interface, simple integration processes, and straightforward maintenance procedures, all things Timus carefully incorporated into its design of the overall solution. One MSP Partner called Timus “Apple-easy”. 

Automation Features

As MSPs are dealing with many clients at once, automation in tasks such as updates, threat detection, response actions, and report generation are critical to their day-to-day operations and success. Automation helps reduce the workload on MSP staff and enables them to focus on more critical tasks. The Timus SASE platform comes with many automation capabilities, including silent pushes of the Timus client, updates, and automated actionable reporting. 

Comprehensive Monitoring and Reporting

MSPs need to constantly monitor their clients’ environments to ensure security. Timus, through its always-on Connect agent, and its Cloud Firewall that acts as a single point of entry for all users and devices and traffic, has deep visibility into all activities in the network. The platform provides comprehensive tools that give a clear overview of all client networks, and the activities on them. Detailed and customizable reporting capabilities are also part of Timus SASE to help attain and maintain compliance for regulated industries. 


As MSPs acquire new clients, they need solutions that can scale effortlessly. Timus is built to scale up easily via its global cloud infrastructure in terms of performance and features without significant upgrades or changes in infrastructure.

Competitive Pricing and Licensing

Pricing and business model are a critical factor for MSPs. The Timus GTM model is built to be simple and competitive, offering month to month or annual subscription models, with volume discounts on high-volume deployments.

Strong Support and Training

MSPs require excellent ongoing support and training to ensure they can troubleshoot and manage the solution effectively. Timus offers white glove support and onboarding. It also provides comprehensive training materials, and regular updates to its MSP partners. Timus is known in the industry for its exceptional partner support that goes above and beyond regular expectations. 

Security and Compliance

Any security solution offered by an MSP to its clients, a lot of them in highly regulated industries, must adhere to the highest security standards and help MSPs meet various compliance requirements. Timus is both SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 compliant, making it easy for MSPs to get and remain compliant themselves. Please find attached a Timus White Paper on SOC 2 compliance. 

Integration Capabilities

Having seamless integrations with other tools and platforms used by MSPs is crucial. Timus comes pre-integrated with many of the tools MSPs regularly use in their operations: Identity Providers such as Microsoft EntraID, Okta or GoogleWorkspace, messaging tools such as Slack or Telegram, and Google Sheets among others. The ConnectWise PSA tool integration is coming in the second half of this year. 

Compatibility with Other Tools

Timus SASE was built on a layered security approach, meaning that MSPs can easily layer it into their bundle with other security tools such as authenticator apps, endpoint protection platforms, on-premise firewalls, and others. Timus SASE works seamlessly with many of the tools on the field and can create site-to-site connectivity between other security tools, such as on-prem HW firewalls. 

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