Network Visibility with Automated Reporting

Timus provides ultimate live network visibility with granular automated reports detailing logs and analytics around users and productivity.

Productivity Tracker

Timus gathers valuable intelligence based on user traffic. Insights into productivity metrics around users sites & applications.

Traffic & Access Logs

Deep visibility into network traffic is logged within Timus manager. Granular sorting enables minimal clicks for problem resolution. Logs are retained to meet compliance regulations.


Reporting is widget based and easy to read. Custom, automated reports can be sent at intervals of daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Diving Deeper Into Productivity

Productivity metrics give valuable insights. Although Timus can get granular down to the specific user, company wide metrics around productivity can guide leaders in managing staff.

Timus dictates whether user activity is either productive, unproductive or neutral. Showing times and durations spent of apps and sites down to the tab level.

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Automated Reporting

Reduction in support tickets makes connectivity easier. Now being able to track key metrics while connectivity is on auto-pilot is delivered through comprehensive automated reporting which can be configured at the frequency of your choice.

Level up productivity and cybersecurity

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