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Some vendors sell through multiple channels and compete with MSPs. Timus is 100% focused on supporting MSP partners from start to finish.

Sell Faster

Land more customers with
help from Timus. From leads to
sales calls and collateral.

Maintain Control

Keep track of every client,
team, user, and device from a
single dashboard.

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Rest assured Timus is ready to
help whenever you or your
clients need it.

Increased Security & Real Partner = Win!

Will Fritts, Author, SOS Technologies

"Our customers don’t have to worry about their remote workforce anymore.”

Ali Johnston, President, Bel Tech Services

Amazing VPN - and more

Ken Volk, Founder, AutoUp

Sales & Marketing Assistance

We help you land customers and provide all
the sales and marketing collateral you need.   

timus sase
timus sase

Single Pane of Glass

Easily deploy, manage, and monitor clients
from the multi-tenant Partner Portal. 

Dedicated Customer Support

Dedicated customer success team helps with
setup, onboarding, and support at no extra

timus sase

Replace VPNs
with Intelligent Protection

Timus helps MSPs deliver a superior cybersecurity solution to SMBs with identity-based protection, adaptive MFA, Adaptive Cloud Firewall, and ZTNA in one solution. 

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Identity-Based Protection

It’s no longer enough to verify a device or an IP address, you need to verify the identity of the person who needs access. Timus offers identity verification and adaptive multi-factor authentication as central pieces of our platform. 

Adaptive Cloud Firewall

Timus adapts in real time, expanding and limiting access based on the threat profile. An adaptive cloud firewall, secure web gateway, intrusion protection, and malware detection are all included. 

Zero Trust Network Access

Better safe than sorry. Especially when it comes to protecting against cyber attacks. Timus verifies user identities with a zero trust approach, automatically blocking suspicious behaviors. 

More and more MSPs are making Timus their
dedicated network security solution.

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"Simplifying Complexity"

Explore why Jim Smith, CEO of Proper Sky, is a proud Timus partner and how they use Timus ZTNA as a key part of their layered cybersecurity stack.

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Timus is the only MSP-first network security platform combining secure, zero-trust network access with an intelligent cloud firewall that adapts to user risk profiles and blocks threats in real time.

Timus is 100% focused on supporting MSP partners and unlike other vendors does not compete with MSP for the same customers. Timus is only successful when our MSP clients are, it’s why more and more MSPs are making Timus their dedicated network security solution.

Yes! TImus has several integrations set up with different applications so you can streamline your workflows. Integration partners include Azure, Okta, Google and many others.  For more information and details on integrations, you can visit Timus Knowledge Base.

The Timus network security platform is built to be user-friendly for both MSPs and their clients. You can get started with Timus in only 15 minutes.