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Our next stop is Orlando, IT Nation Secure 2023.

We are thrilled to meet you face-to-face and talk about how Timus help you and your clients with Cyber Immunity.

Visit our booth at IT Nation Secure 2023 between June 5-7

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Join us in our mission to deliver all-in-one network protection and peace of mind to SMBs.

Streamlined Tech Stack

Our all-in-one solution means fewer tools to keep track of and more time for you to run your business. Get clients started in just 15 minutes. 

Built for MSPs

Timus makes it easy to manage, monitor, and report to your SMB clients right from within our MSP Partner Portal. 

We support you 100%

We only win if you win. We don’t compete with or undercut our partners. Instead we send you leads and supply co-branded collateral. 

"Our customers don’t have to worry about their remote workforce anymore.”

Ali Johnston, President, Bel Tech Services

Replace VPNs
with Intelligent Protection

Timus helps MSPs deliver a superior cybersecurity solution to SMBs with identity-based protection, adaptive MFA, Dynamic Firewall, and ZTNA in one solution. 

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Identity-Based Protection

It’s no longer enough to verify a device or an IP address, you need to verify the identity of the person who needs access. Timus offers identity verification and adaptive multi-factor authentication as central pieces of our platform. 

Dynamic Firewall

Timus adapts in real time, expanding and limiting access based on the threat profile. A dynamic firewall, secure web gateway, intrusion protection, and malware detection are all included. 

Zero Trust Network Access

Better safe than sorry. Especially when it comes to protecting against cyber attacks. Timus verifies user identities with a zero trust approach, automatically blocking suspicious behaviors. 

Watch How Timus Protects Your Clients

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Request a meeting today and see how you can protect SMBs while streamlining your own business. 

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Keep Clients Protected

Protects SMB networks no matter where their employees log in from; at home, traveling, or at the coffee shop. 

Save Hours Every Week

Get clients started in no time and save time on managing, monitoring, and reporting. 

Share in the Revenue

When we say “partner” we mean it. Not only do we share in the revenue, we also provide you with everything you need.