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You must have peace of mind for the security of your modern workplace. Timus is what you need.

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Primary Security Needs of Business Owners

Cost-Effective Platforms

Companies in all industries are searching for ways to reduce IT costs.

Resource-Effective Solutions

Enterprise IT has become too complex to manage with tight resources.

Protection Against Threats

Phishing, ransomware and other threats place a constant risk.

Secure Remote Access

Working from anywhere is only possible with secure remote access.

How We Help Business Owners

You only pay for your capacity requirements, no more

Thanks to the simple pricing of the Timus SaaS platform, you only pay for the capacity you need. Timus also reduces your initial CAPEX and never-ending maintenance costs with its no-hardware service delivery model.

timus sase
timus sase

Even non-technical people can understand Timus

Unifying network and security in a single cloud platform minimizes the resources needed to manage the system. Timus has a very intuitive management dashboard enabling even non-technical people to understand.

Prevent threats with advanced and integrated features

Timus provides comprehensive and cohesive security for your networks. A dynamic firewall is integrated with anti-malware, secure web gateway, intrusion prevention and zero trust access systems to keep your resources safe wherever they are.

timus sase
timus sase

Working from anywhere is possible with secure remote access

Your employees can access all resources anywhere without compromising security. Timus increases your organization's productivity by establishing fast and secure connections to cloud applications with a great digital experience.

Why Timus?

Timus is the unified cost-effective platform where modern workplaces meet with security and superior user experience.

Advanced Protection

Timus protects against malware, ransomware and other web-based threats with its Dynamic Firewall, Anti-Malware Engine & AI-Driven Secure Web Gateway.

Scalability & Performance

Timus provides a scalable, high-performance security and network services delivery platform with its modern cloud-based SASE architecture.

Operational Efficiency

Timus allows you to manage and monitor all your networks on a single cloud dashboard where you can create users, sites and networks instantly.


Don't pay a fortune for network management and security. Timus is a unified cost-effective solution to protect your resources and reputation.

Boost Your Business' Immune System

Every business needs to boost its immune system against advanced cyber threats. Click and learn more about Timus Platform.

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