Know Your Company’s Productivity Score

Productivity Tracker, part of Timus SASE Solution, is designed for managers to make decisions with real-time data. 

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Track Productivity trends over time

Monitor productivity trends daily, weekly, and monthly to optimize performance.

Automated reporting

Automated reporting provides tailored productivity insights, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

AI-driven segmentation

AI-driven productivity segmentation categorizes workforce productivity using advanced algorithms for targeted efficiency improvements.

Key Factors in Organizational Success

Staff behavior significantly influences an organization's success, given that labor costs comprise up to 70% of total business expenses. Revenue is closely tied to staff productivity across various departments, such as sales, marketing, IT, finance, and HR. Therefore, making data-driven staff decisions is imperative, as productive activity may vary among teams.

timus sase
timus sase

Productivity Reporting Templates

Essential reporting templates offer detailed productivity scores based on time allocation among productive, unproductive, and neutral activities. Timus Productivity Tracker provides automated summaries for company-wide or team-specific productivity, application usage overviews, and trend analyses, including scorecard rankings of top productive and unproductive users and teams.

Tailored Business Solutions

The Timus Connect app offers functionality and customization tailored to your business needs. It seamlessly integrates a native feature for easy installation and configuration in minutes. It allows predefined or customized categorization of applications and the flexibility to turn off application usage tracking per user.

timus sase

Level up productivity and cybersecurity

In just 15 minutes.

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