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Take a closer look at our state-of-the-art cloud technology. Timus is not an older solution that is being retrofitted to cloud usage. Your users and system administrators will love the great digital experience with Timus.

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Timus Manager Dashboard

Visibility and unified management are the keys to securing your network. Timus Manager Dashboard allows you to manage and monitor all your networks easily. Create your users, sites and networks instantly, and monitor all network activity. You can get detailed and almost real-time views of past and present network activity. Intelligent Insight Engine provides everything from comprehensive access logs to threat analytics. Customized reports help you track what you exactly need. Timus reduces human errors with the help of automated actions. Through Timus integrations, you can get alerts sent to you as messages or notifications in your daily applications.

Secure Access with Zero Trust

Security starts with secure access. Remote working and migration to the cloud are pushing the concept of “zero trust network access” forward. Timus is designed on the “never trust, always verify” policy. The system continuously evaluates access requests before granting access rights to any of the resources. Granular access privileges and micro-segmentation mitigate security risks. Timus Connect client application allows your users to connect to your Timus networks securely. Multi-factor authentication, multiple tunneling protocols and behavior analysis make Timus Connect a more secure and adaptive application than traditional VPNs.

Manage Your On-Prem and Cloud Networks

Timus provides unified network infrastructure for all environments. The platform enables you to connect your on-premises, private and public cloud networks to create a holistic company network to achieve a more secure, flexible, and controllable infrastructure. You can leverage the benefits of the cloud without compromising security. Fast and secure user connections to cloud resources serve to increase productivity. Total resource visibility across local and cloud networks improves security and management efficiency.

Access Rules & Threat Prevention

With Timus, your decision matters, not technical details. You can manage access to the web, cloud and internal applications without dealing with time-consuming network access policies. Timus rules and policies rely on user identities. Categorize users into teams and use automation to ensure any access policy or protocol can be handled effortlessly without keeping track of individual user devices. Create web filter rules for users and control website access with artificial intelligence. Defend against ransomware, malware and advanced threats with an anti-malware engine.

Boost Your Business' Immune System

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