Our Core Components

Built for layered security, on the principles of Zero Trust Network Access. By providing a 100% cloud based solution, Timus fits seamlessly into existing infrastructure while protecting users at the edge. Secure, always-on connectivity is achieved through several key functionalities.

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Adaptive Cloud Firewall

Dynamic user-centric cloud firewall that follows users in real time. Within the Timus Manager, admins can create granular user based policies to restrict network access based on the user.

Layer-3 and Layer-7 stateful firewall as a service
Rules follow users and devices on all gateways
Create rules based on source, destination, service, device, and time of day or week
Secure SaaS apps with IP-allowlisting Static Public IP address
IPSec tunnels to 3rd party firewalls and routers

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Timus ZTNA enables users working from anywhere, secure remote connectivity based on the richest set of behavior driven conditional access policies.

Adaptive MFA

Always-on connectivity

Micro Segmentation

Connecting Hybrid-Cloud Infrastructure

Timus acts as the security buffer for traffic to all sources of consumed data through a single entry point.

Cloud Firewall connects via IPsec tunnel to AWS, Azure, GCP & All on-premise firewalls

Private, never shared tunnels with dedicated, static IP

Secure Web Gateway

Track Productivity, stay compliant, filter the web, block malicious content. Timus Secure Web Gateway provides total control at the network level. Keep your used productive and protected.

Filter sites, apps, and other web content based on traffic analytics and productivity metrics

Logs and insights derived around actionable data with automated reporting

Automatic malicious site blocking enabled by default

Level up productivity and cybersecurity

In just 15 minutes.

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