Eliminate Network Complexity

Management Complexity

Timus provides users one agent to connect to the web, on-premise networks, cloud hosted servers and SaaS apps.

Predictable Cost

Timus Networks is fully cloud based, enabling the solution to adapt with you. No upfront costs or requirements to change any hardware configuration.

Limit Your Attack Surface

Cloud adoption has made IP control difficult. Limit access to one IP for your users.

Network Level Threat Protection

Built for the layered security stack. Block users for accessing malicious sites and downloading malware with Timus Secure Web Gateway.

Why Timus?

Timus is the unified platform where modern workplaces address security and productivity while simplifying the end user experience.

Stay Compliant

Timus helps business gain and maintain compliant.

Certifications include - SOC 2, CMMC, FINRA, HIPAA, ISO 27001

Scalability & Performance

Keep users connected while making scaling simple with tight integrations and automated reporting.

Timus delivers a reliable, high performing Zero Trust Network Access solution for IT Managers to provide peace of mind with maximum visibility and network control.

Manage simply with cloud dashboard and automation

You can manage network and security policies in a centralized cloud dashboard while benefiting from many automated tasks. You will love the great digital experience with Timus.

timus sase
timus sase

Eliminate hardware burden

Being a highly scalable no-hardware SaaS platform, Timus minimizes your initial CAPEX and never-ending maintenance costs for on-premises hardware while enhancing business continuity.

Reduce attack surface with Zero Trust and Micro-segmentation

Timus zero trust access policy removes the need for application discovery on the public internet, reducing the attack surface. Micro-segmentation of the network eliminates lateral movement in case of a breach.

timus sase
timus sase

Prevent threats with advanced and integrated features

Timus provides comprehensive and cohesive security for your
networks as a SASE platform combining networking and
security. A dynamic firewall is integrated with anti-malware,
secure web gateway, and zero trust access systems to keep
your resources safe wherever they are.

Level up productivity and cybersecurity

In just 15 minutes.

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