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What are the Challenges of Technology Professionals?

Secure Remote Working

Working from anywhere is only possible with secure remote access.

Protecting Digital Assets

Preventing unauthorized access to assets is foundational for security.

Cloud-Friendly Solutions

Cloud solutions are needed to benefit from cloud environments.

Visibility Needs

IT monitoring has become complex and difficult to manage effectively.

Timus Understands Technology Organizations

If technology is core in a business, it has to minimize dependencies, accelerate cycle times and lower risks. Digital security is now vital and also a competitive advantage for technology organizations.

Secure remote access from anywhere with zero trust

Your employees can access all resources anywhere without compromising security. Timus increases your organization's productivity by establishing fast and secure connections to cloud applications with a great digital experience.

timus sase
timus sase

Prevent malicious files and advanced threats

Timus provides comprehensive and cohesive security for your networks. A dynamic firewall is integrated with anti-malware, secure web gateway, intrusion prevention and zero trust access systems to keep your resources safe wherever they are.

Fast connections to cloud applications

Timus does not compromise performance for security. Cloud-delivered services and cloud internet access improve performance by providing a fast, reliable, and secure connection to cloud applications.

timus sase
timus sase

Total resource visibility across local and cloud networks

Continuous monitoring of network and user activity with Intelligent Insights Engine lets you see which users are trying to access which resources, whether in local or cloud networks. It also provides near real-time information about potential threats, anomalous behavior and active security incidents.

Why Timus?

Built by firewall experts with decades of cybersecurity experience, Timus protects modern workplaces while allowing maximum productivity and total network visibility.

Advanced Protection

Timus eliminates the need for legacy VPNs and provides secure always-on connectivity to company resources, data, and SaaS apps. Timus protects the network against data breaches and ransomware via its Dynamic Cloud Firewall, Zero-Trust Contextual Policy Engine and Secure Web Gateway.

Scalability & Performance

Timus provides a scalable, high-performance security and network services delivery platform with its modern cloud-based SASE architecture.

Operational Efficiency

Timus allows you to manage and monitor all your networks on a single cloud dashboard where you can create users, sites and networks instantly.

Manage Risk

Data breaches can be catastrophic. Minimize risk to business operations and top line by securing your company network, employees, and the third parties with access privileges by the Timus SASE platform.

Level up productivity and cybersecurity

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