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Primary Challenges of Accounting and Finance Organizations

Protecting Private Data

Preventing unauthorized access to data is foundational for security.

Monitoring Complexity

IT monitoring has become complex and difficult to manage effectively.

Secure Remote Working

Working from anywhere is only possible with secure remote access.

Compliance Requirements

New regulations are being introduced to keep private data safe.

Timus Fulfills the Needs of Accounting and Finance Organizations

Data breaches can prove catastrophic in accounting and finance. Protecting company data and resources, while allowing for maximum productivity, is key to modern cybersecurity. Timus is designed from the ground up to protect businesses from data breaches with cloud based zero-trust network security.

Prevent malicious files and advanced threats

Timus provides a comprehensive and seamless security for your network and users. A dynamic cloud firewall, together with always-on secure remote access, a secure web gateway, and rich zero trust behavioral access policies, to keep your resources safe wherever they are: on-prem or on the cloud.

timus sase
timus sase

Grant granular access privileges for critical assets

Least privilege access control is foundational for security and compliance. Timus allows you to set granular access policies to enforce which users can access critical resources under what context.

Secure remote access from anywhere with zero trust

Your employees can access all resources anywhere without compromising security. Timus increases your organization's productivity by establishing fast and secure connections to cloud applications with a great digital experience.

timus sase
timus sase

Meet compliance obligations

Meet compliance obligations with network security, data protection, secure access and total visibility.

Why Timus?

Timus makes it easy to stay productive and protected with its secure always-on connectivity, without the need for clunky VPNs. With Timus, employees can access company resources and SaaS apps safely from wherever they are.

Advanced Protection

Timus protects against malware, ransomware, and other web-based threats with secure always-on connectivity, real-time web category and content filtering, and deep network visibility.

Scalability & Performance

Timus provides a scalable, high-performance SASE platform, allowing always-on secure connectivity with total network control.

Operational Efficiency

Timus allows you to manage and monitor all your networks on a single cloud dashboard where you can create users, sites and networks instantly.

Manage Risk

The cost of breaches continues to rise. Zero Trust Network Access within the Timus platform leverages key behavioral analytics to ensure users entering the network are who they say they are.

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