Fortify Your Network with Automated, Granular Device Posture Checks

Seamlessly integrated with leading EPPs (Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Bitdefender, and SentinelOne) for proactive and continuous protection

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Continuous Security Monitoring

Benefit from real-time device posture evaluation, ensuring proactive and continuous protection against threats.

Unified Device Posture Management

EPP integrations allow for combined endpoint and network security management, streamlining security workflows.

Optimized Efficiency & Reduced Costs

Increase IT efficiency and cost savings through automated device management, enhanced vulnerability identification, and remediation.

Sustained Device Protection

Take command with granular control over device access, leveraging comprehensive security posture insights.

Enhanced Network Security

Device Posture Check (DPC) proactively identifies non-compliant devices, thwarting malware, ransomware, and APTs. It enforces security standards, minimizing gaps, reducing the attack surface, and enhancing network hygiene. 

timus sase
timus sase

Granular Device Access Control

DPC enables administrators to set precise access rules based on device status. Full access is permitted to compliant devices, partially compliant devices face limitations, while non-compliant devices are denied access. DPC offers enhanced visibility, displaying endpoint details and security status, aiding decision-making and prioritizing remediation efforts.

Streamlined Zero Trust Security

Continuous verification of device security aligns with Zero Trust principles, and only grants access to trusted devices. This reduces reliance on boundary protection, minimizing risks from sophisticated attacks. DPC ensures robust protection against unauthorized access attempts, aligning seamlessly with modern security paradigms.

timus sase
timus sase

Simplified Device Management

DPC streamlines security processes, automating assessments and remediation tasks for IT teams. Rapid identification and resolution of device vulnerabilities enhance efficiency, minimizing threat exposure and reducing costs.

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