Does Your Company Have Detailed Access Visibility for Remote Workers?

Does Your Company Have Detailed Access Visibility for Remote Workers?

Does your company have detailed access visibility for remote workers?

The need for detailed network access visibility for remote workers is increasing significantly as many companies are moving from traditional ways of working to hybrid or fully remote working.

It turns out that the network login sequence of the users, their behaviors within the network, the devices they use, suspicious location changes, requests to access applications and many other crucial context data cannot be monitored with traditional firewall and VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions . These solutions mostly log only the time and the result of the login attempts.

For instance, assume that a user’s VPN credentials in a traditional VPN system are stolen by a hacker, and the hacker logs into the network as a legitimate user. Most traditional systems do not log the location (i.e., country, city) and device details (i.e., operating system, name), and whether this data is in line with the user’s previous behaviors. This may result in a situation where the network administrators cannot easily detect whether there was any suspicious activity in this login event or not.

In the end, while users are increasingly accessing the organization's network over the internet, network access visibility also needs to be improved and simplified. In this way, the organization must be able to easily detect suspicious activities while maintaining compliance with comprehensive visibility into network access activities of all users and devices.

How does Timus help?

Timus places the user identities at the center of the product, with the concept of “ zero trust network access .”

Timus comprehensively screens network login attempts based on the user's behavior patterns and context; and performs a risk assessment for each attempt. This extra screening layer provides a more comprehensive, secure network access and monitoring than traditional VPN and firewall authentication mechanisms .

With Timus, system administrators can view detailed information on each login attempt, including all authentication steps, country and city, risk level, device information, and whether all this data is in line with the user’s previous behaviors. All network login attempts are also visualized on a map for easier tracking of suspicious activities.

Timus also provides a firewall which tracks all local and internet network traffic of the users. These traffic logs can be easily accessed and filtered. Timus offers comprehensive network login alerts and notifications that can be sent to administrators and users. All this information can be easily accessed from a single cloud management console.

In summary, Timus provides a much better network access visibility for remote workers compared to traditional firewall and VPN solutions , and this can be helpful for compliance requirements in the “new working model.”

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