How to Strengthen Your Security Posture: The Power of Employee Cyber Awareness

Learn how employee awareness training can improve security and how to make your training impactful. Find out what makes training effective, including regular training sessions, interactive materials, customized training, and regular assessments. Protect your business from the inside out with awareness training.

How to Strengthen Your Security Posture: The Power of Employee Cyber Awareness
Yiğit Çallı
Yiğit Çallı
10 February 2023

Businesses are faced with an increasing number of cyber threats in today's digital environment. Companies take technical precautions to prevent cyber-attacks in the current remote working environment. But since employees cause most security breaches, more than these measures are needed. Employees need to be trained to keep themselves safe online and to prevent damage to the company from escalating cyber security problems.  

The 2022 Data Breaches Investigations Report highlights the critical role played by the human factor and shows that a staggering 82% of such incidents are linked to insider threats. This shows the importance of addressing the human element in cybersecurity efforts, particularly in terms of insider threats. 

Components of Staff Awareness Training

A company's security posture can only be improved with hands-on staff awareness training. To guarantee that employees are appropriately trained to identify and handle security threats, businesses should implement several critical components into their staff awareness training programs. The program is safe only when all components work together. Additionally, companies should keep their staff awareness training programs up to date. As the security landscape changes, the training program must also change. By updating the program regularly, businesses can ensure that their employees are always up-date on the latest security threats and how to manage them:

Regular training sessions and updates

Regular training sessions and updates are crucial to keeping employees informed about the latest cyber threats and best practices for maintaining security. These can be in the form of annual training sessions, monthly updates, or even weekly reminders. Making sure that employees stay up-to-date and educated on current cybersecurity trends and practices is the key here.

Interactive and engaging training materials

While making the training sessions more effective, it is important to use interactive and engaging materials such as videos, simulations, and quizzes. It not only keeps employees interested and engaged, but it will also help them remember the information they learn.

Customized training for different departments and roles

Each department and position within a company has additional security requirements. Therefore, it is essential to customize the training for each group to ensure it is relevant and effective. The customization may include role-specific training sessions or targeted training materials for each department.

Regularly conducting and evaluating the training program

A periodic training program review is crucial to guarantee that it accomplishes its objectives. These reviews can be in the form of regular employee surveys, security assessments, or monitoring of security incidents. They will not only help identify areas for improvement in the training program but will also help measure its overall effectiveness.

The benefits of staff awareness training

Improved security awareness and knowledge among employees

Awareness training strengthens employees' knowledge and understanding of cybersecurity procedures and protocols. It leads to fewer security incidents and a better overall security posture for the company.

Reducing the risk of insider attacks and data breaches

Companies are becoming more concerned about the potential damage to their reputations and finances from insider threats, especially in a post-pandemic world where hybrid or remote work environments are common. These hazards may arise from personnel, subcontractors, or business partners who have been given access to sensitive data. Organizations can provide staff members with the awareness training they need to identify and stop insider threats. Additionally, training can help create a culture of security where staff appreciates and take data privacy seriously. As a result, businesses can reduce the risk of insider threats leading to data breaches and other security incidents and increase workplace safety and reliability.

Increased motivation and engagement among employees

Having a safe work environment can contribute to higher employee motivation and confidence. When employees feel safe and secure, they will be more likely to perform their duties effectively with greater engagement.

Improved company culture and positive workplace environment

When your employees feel valued and appreciated in the improved workplace through the contribution of awareness programs, they are more likely to stick around for the long term. These positive impacts will, in turn, lead to productivity, which is essential for any organization to make a profit.

Awareness training on the security posture

The overall state of an organization's security, including its systems, processes, and people, is called its security posture. Awareness training can help improve security posture by educating employees on cybersecurity best practices, security protocols, and potential insider threats. Employees can prevent security incidents more effectively because they know more, and this knowledge leads to a more assertive security posture for the organization.

The importance of regular practices on cybersecurity

Once your organization has gone through an awareness training program and established procedures, it is essential to implement them. At this point, any security-related exercise will equip your employees to handle actual attacks effectively.

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